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message to Sept 2017 thalidomiders conference in Legorreta – Update 1

Posted by Ivo Cerckel on August 6th, 2017

Actos en favor afectados de talidomida en Legorreta
14 Julio, 2017
Actos en favor afectados de talidomida en Legorreta (Guipúzcoa), donde el ayuntamiento se ha volcado con ellos.
Ha organizando una serie de actividades en ayuda de los talidomídicos, después del varapalo de la inadmisión de AVITE de su demanda por el Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos de Estrasburgo (TEDH). Motivo que es de agradecer.
Programa de actos Pro afectados Talidomida en Legorreta (Guipúzcoa) 8 y 9 septiembre 2017

Update 1 of 05 August 2017
I will be landing on Tuesday 05 September 2017 at Terminal 1 in Barcelona at 13h25 from Dubai on Emirates flight number EK 185.pdate 1 of 05 August 201

My message is in a nutshell:

That West-Germany – and the whole European medical profession – knew what it was doing when it did not oppose thalidomide after France
(Rhone-Poulenc. How this links to Frances Oldham Kelsey is another question.)
had banned it.
(The iron curtain had its use. No thalidomiders in East-Germany.)

That my grandfather found evidence that my father, a medical doctor, administered thalidomide on purpose to my mother.

That the Liège (Southern Low-Countries) tribunal de lo criminal (cour d’assises) acquitted the murderers of a thalidomider born three months after me (I was born 02/1962),

thereby forcing me 38 years later to flee a place where there is no “active” (???) welfare state
(Roger Blanpain, reviens, ils sont fous!)
and where life is cheaper.

(Ask yourself how many of our colleagues have been killed under the Franco regime – and after that – and are still being killed in places like Brazil. Thalidomide made a come-back (from having never left), you know!)

Don’t forget that the welfare state needed thalidomide to confirm 15 years after the war, the need for the welfare state, but then goes on to let thalidomiders die (in the sun, thank you, it’s raining season now.)

My message to the librarian at the philosophy department of the Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona (maybe he’ll grant me access to the library) should follow later this week as a review of this book
The Knowledge of the First Principles in Saint Thomas Aquinas Paperback – 24 Feb 2015
by Mary Christine Ugobi-Onyemere (Author)

on Amazon.co.uk


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