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Modi Merkel Putin and Li to end the dollar regime this week

Posted by Ivo Cerckel on May 31st, 2017

Let’s trade internationally in rupee, ruble, renminbi and euro.

India fought. 70 years ago against British imperialism. Now India must fight against dollar imperialism of which Arvind Subramanian complained before becoming India’s government chief economic adviser. Britain never caused the harm which the dollar regime is causing.

The idea behind the fight against British imperialism was that the people could, in exercise of ultimate authority vested in them, create an alternative political structure as an expression of that unfettered play and continual liveliness of free will as a community, which is at the root of all progress. (Sarbani Sen, “The Constitution of India – Popular Sovereignty and Democratic Transformations “, 2015 Fifth impression of the 2010 Oxford India paperback edition, of this book whose hardcover was published in 2010, p. 62)

Germany’s chancellor Merkel said last week-end that we can no longer rely on the USA.

Russia’s prime minister Putin went therefore on Monday to France’s president Macron at … Versailles, no less.

On Tuesday India’s prime minister Narendra Modi went to Germany.

Today, Wednesday, Modi is in Spain.

After his Spain visit, India’s Modi will travel tomorrow Thursday June 1 to St Petersburg in Russia.

In St Petersburg, Modi and Putin will have to stamp the rejection of America – and its dollar, of course. Let’s trade internationally in rupee, ruble, renminbi and euro.

Arvind Subramanian is the current chief economic adviser to the government of India, having taken charge of the position on October 16, 2014 succeeding Raghuram Rajan, says Wikipedia.

The London-based The Economist newspaper quoted Subramanian on Jun 9, 2016 as complaining in 2014 of “dollar imperialism”.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its dollar regime have been described by some as a tool of neo-colonialism. That is too mild, as 19th-century British or European colonialism, however harsh, never managed to accomplish the extent of devastation and destruction of health and living standards the IMF has done since the 1970s.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang for his part is starting today Wednesday May 31 a three-day visit to Belgium and … Germany.

Modi said in Germany that India and Germany are ‘made for each other’,

Germany’s Merkel who said that we can no longer rely on the USA, will thus have met this week both the Indian and Chinese prime minister while Modi and France’s Macron will have met the Russian prime minister.

Everything is set up from stamping the end of dollar imperialism.

Let’s trade internationally in rupee, ruble, renminbi and euro.

Ivo Cerckel

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