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    Greece is rescuing the euro from the Frankfurter bureaucrats

    Posted by Ivo Cerckel on February 15th, 2012

    Greece’s rescue package in doubt
    Charles Bremner Brussels
    February 15 2012 12:01AM
    Luc Frieden, Luxembourg’s Finance Minister, said that the currency could move on without Greece, but added: “I still think we should do our best to keep the eurozone with all of its members.”

    Money is a good readily acceptable [not; imposed by guv’mint] in exchange by everyone in a given geographical area and is sought for the purpose of being re-exchanged.
    (George Reisman, “Capitalism – A Treatise on Economics”, Ottawa, Illinois: Jameson Books, 1998. 3rd ed., p. 142).

    May the euro go underground in Greece..

    At the end of the day, Greece will have saved, nay rescued, the euro.

    Greece will have severed the euro’s link to the Frankfurter bureaucrats.

    Ad nauseam
    The euro is the first currency that has not only severed its link to gold, but also its link to the nation-state.
    ( International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen for 2002
    Acceptance speech by Dr. Willem F. Duisenberg, President of the European Central Bank,Aachen, 9 May 2002 http://www.ecb.int/press/key/date/2002/html/sp020509.en.html

    euroland will have to thank Greece for having rescued the euro from the Frankfurter bureaucrats.

    Today Wednesday is my birthday. I am 50 years (very) old.

    I got a nice present from Luc Frieden. Merci Monsieur le Ministre. Vielen Dank!

    Ivo Cerckel

    3 Responses to “Greece is rescuing the euro from the Frankfurter bureaucrats”

    1. Ivo Cerckel Says:

      How the ECB saved the eurozone (last time)
      February 13, 2012 6:33 pmby Ralph Atkins

      Ivo Cerckel | February 15 4:11am
      This time, the eurozone is kaput.
      Greece is rescuing the euro from the Frankfurter bureaucrats

    2. Ivo Cerckel Says:

      Greece should have left the euro,
      argued the father of the European Konstitution,
      former French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing (VGE) on 08 February 2012

      Okay, let the euro go underground in Greece –
      into prostitution, drug trade, tax-evasion advice, and other heroic activities.

      But lunatic Leuven Konstitutionalists argue, contra VGE, that
      the euro should be institutionally anchored
      in the euroland nation-states –
      nation-states from which the euro severed the link,
      said ECB president Duisenberg

    3. Ivo Cerckel Says:

      I got Another unexpected birthday present from EU president Herman Von Rompuy.

      He said today 15 February 1962, er 2012, in Beijing, that the euro quickly became the world’s second reserve currency because any countries have showed their confidence in it.

      This comes after ECB president Duisenberg said in 2002 in his euro-severing link-not-only-to-gold-but-also-to-the-nation-state speech that
      Consider this simple fact: we engage in an exchange of goods and services everyday by using money as the means of exchange; and we offer our labour in exchange for money, which, in itself, has no value. We only do this because we believe that we will, in turn, be able to exchange that money for more goods or services. This fact tells us much about the confidence that we place in money itself. And it tells us much more about the confidence that we place in each other.

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