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    US thalidomide babies existed before 1957

    Posted by Ivo Cerckel on October 3rd, 2009

    This guy seems to have been to school with thalidomide babies born (in the USA) before 1957.

    FinallyFred’s Journal – MedHelp
    Journal Entry 12/11/08
    In the 1940s and 50s, “thalidomide was a drug used regulaarly  in the treatment of leprosy. Thalidomide was also prescribed to expectant mothers to treat morning sickness, anxiety, and insomnia. A DECADE later, the Food and Drug Administration took the drug off the market after more than 10,000 babies exposed to thalidomide in the womb were born with severe adverse thalidomide birth defects including serious malformations and limb deformities.   I am old enough to have had some of those people in my school and it was SAD SAD SAD.  That stuff was horrible, yet after seeing babies born without arms, legs, etc. –   it took the FDA over a decade to pull it from the market!   UNSNIP

    Ivo Cerckel

    3 Responses to “US thalidomide babies existed before 1957”

    1. Ivo Cerckel Says:

      human testing – updated 15 Sep 2009



      Thalidomide was definitely known in the year 1938 and [its] defects were noted in Phoenix, AZ (USA) in a medical journal that year. It was known as a cure for {Hansen]’s Disease and made by [Richardson]-Merrill Co. in [Cincinnati], OH (USA). I don’t know what action was taken, but a young female doctor named Frances Oldham Kersey (or Kelsey) recognized its dangers. Theodore, Princeton, WV/USA
      (reaction under From The Times April 4, 2008 Thalidomide: 50 years on victims unite to seek more compensation Nigel Hawkes, Health Editor

      Kelsey was the lady who in 1960 only joined the US of A Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

      Once there, she further delayed thalidomide’s approval (thalidomide was marketed since 1957)
      and was given a Presidential award by US of A president Kennedy for that delay.

      Wikipedia says
      that Kelsey is credited SINCE NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT with her interest in teratogens – that is, drugs that cause congenital malformations,
      that 1938 was the date of the creation of the FDA,
      and that Kelsey managed to be appointed there in 1960

      Thalidomide was marketed since 1957.

      Kelsey was only appointed in the FDA in 1960.

      How can she get (all) the credit for having ‘saved’ the US of A from it?

    2. Ivo Cerckel Says:

      Video why they needed thalidomide

      Posted by Ivo Cerckel on September 27th, 2009



      Watch this Canadian video.

      Here’s why our Masters did it.

      A B-word in the plural comes to mind.

      De l’efficacité des prothèses
      Date de diffusion : 21 février 1964

      4 Responses to “Video why they needed thalidomide”
      1. Ivo Cerckel Says:
      September 28th, 2009 at 9:19 am e

      The video clearly says that (the effects of) thalidomide was (were) known since many years and certainly before 1957.

    3. Vix Says:

      I worked for a doctor in Cincinnati about 40 years ago. One of our patients had deformed arms. One arm was very tiny and had a claw-like hand with only one finger and a thumb. The hand on the other arm was also missing fingers. I am sure the patient in question was at least 8 to 10 years older than me, which means a date of birth in the 1940s. The mother of this patient told her child’s disability was caused by Thalidomide. I was confused because I thought the Thalidomide Tragedy was more recent than that. The doctor I worked for was very prominent in his field and had been involved in a lot of prominent studies in the 1940s, and in the 1970s and 80s followed patients from a lot of others. He also had a lot of international patients.

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